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We can see physical body where as we can visualize. It is also called as Living Body it is made up of five natural positive waves. Main motto of physical body is to follow this five natural positive waves and to avoid negative energies.

Positive energies are Truth, Knowledge, sex, Law. We are good to ray there but we never follow the above said rules. So, that man is going so deep into the negative energy.Our body is made up of under sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. We born , crawl, grow up, change, Becoming weak @ lines, Death what ever we are where ever are we cannot escape from these steps and can’t avoid.If we follow good steps we can give only good name which remain ever after death in the History.If we follow bad steps we found we one to cry even after death.

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Micro body is present inside the physical body so it cannot be visualized. While forming the body before it former as first reasonal body then micro body then physical body

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This reasonal body is formed due to the sins made by man. This leads to Rebirth of the body so , this is called as Resonal Body. But this is not a soul.

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If negative emotions in woman body, she will suffering with mentally, physically, depression mood, she will face health problems.

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Vasthu and surroundings would also be good and carried cow in to house while gruha Praveham as per our hindu tradition,cow is full positive energy,cow is not willing to enter house and stayed out at door step even though it was thrust,they had completed gruha pravesham by leaving cow. They got all 8 bad elements (ashta Daridralu) ,they are not getting successes in any,but their horoscope is an extraordinary, the reason is, if other Negative vortex is already exists then cow would identify if well before, then they have to notice on the spot when cow is not willing to enter in to house.

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Due to presence of negative emotions or curses, negative thought forms, psychic chords or vows, debt's of a person may face difficulties in life such as Health problems,person may become wanderer,possibility of death,chances of his/her children death, losing friends,financial crisis,quarrels,land disputes,diseases,poverty,credits,enemies,jail,fire accidents,lack of peace in home,depression,unknown fears etc..