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Vedic Healing remedies are  offered to the client/patient through the cosmic energy healing Institute which involves the innermost secrets of the vedas, India's most revered spiritual texts. Through a series of techniques used for thousands of years by Hindu priests and spiritual masters in India, clients/patients learn how to increase the flow of positive energy in their lives, becoming empowered to manifest their personal paths, connect with the Divine, and raise their consciousness. Many of the methods taught in the cosmic energy healing Institute  have never been shared outside of India.


Gaining Positive Energy isn’t a hard task. At the same time it is not that easy too. It is necessary to trust your teacher and also practice. We not only can gain positive energy but also avoid negative energy by practicing what the teacher taught. There are so many ways to gain positive energy. Meditation is the easiest of those to follow.

Let us learn what meditation is

This Universe is filled with “Cosmic Energy” which is also called ‘life power’. The power between planets, human beings, Plants, molecules, atoms is called cosmic energy. We gain this energy while sleeping or in complete silence, Thus gained cosmic energy is used in all physical and mental activities of the day such energy is not sufficient for all kinds of works, which is causing physical and mental disorders, Meditation is only solution for such physical and mental disorders. Meditation does not mean sitting and closing eyes. There are different kinds of meditation. One should identify kind of meditation suitable for one’s self. Meditation is practiced by the devotees offering prayers to their beloved God, Recollecting that yogi chakra, with reference to Intellectuals’ soul.

Based on human behavior the nature of transformation can be judged. So, one chooses one’s own way of meditation. It is always preferable to contact a teacher if choosing a meditation form that becomes difficult. Meditation can be done in two types: one is Suguna Meditation second one is Nirguna Meditation. Suguna meditation is Idol worship in mind where as Nirguna meditation is feeling of spiritual or Almighty in the form of light. To remove negative or positive energies form, talk and attain a pure energy. Nirguna meditation has been done since the ancient times. The spiritual teachers have been introducing different kinds of meditation till today.

Surya Dhyanam (Meditation)

Surya dhyanam is usually done at the time of sunrise after performing suryanamaskara. Activeness, glow,Inner strength are achieved to our body due to this dhyanam.

Chandra Dhyanam (Meditation)

Chandra Dhyanam should be done either at the time of sunset (evenings) or before going to sleep in order to releave from the stress one has gone throughout the day. Piece of mind, Peace and beauty are attained

SankhyaDhyanam (Numerical Meditation)

With reference to the name and numerical values sankhyadhyanam is created sometimes eventhough the body is resting, due to the disturbing thoughts one may feel tired and wornout. During this kind of dhyanam by counting numbers our mind is stabilized and then the thoughts are reduced which gives us peace.

Oorjadhyanam (Meditation)

Transfering the whole energy to the palm is done in oorja Meditation. The function of this type of dhyanam is to dispense the energy which is centered in our palms to other palms of our body or to treat when any problem is created

Athmadarsanadhyanam (Meditation)

Renewing ones soul through ones thoughts, behavior thus getting to know ones personality traits. Practicing this kind of dhyanam one can identify their flows in their personality and work on correcting them. The true essence of life, understanding and compassion etc can be achieved

Athmaviswasadhyanam (Self Confidence Meditation)

This kind of dhyanam is useful for the kind of persons who have faced lots of trials and failures in life. Negative thoughts are slowly removed from ones mind replacing them with self confidence which can be used in constructive work through this dhyanam

Sukshmadhyanam (Meditation)

For people who have mastered the art of meditation this helps them to enter the next phase of it during this dhyanam one shifts from suguna to Nirguna way of dhyanam


This is known as a difficult kind of meditation during which the all the energy is centered towards ones eyes and ones eyes gain powers which posses superiority, concentration and memory power are improved. However there superiority doesn’t mean dictatorship but using ones powers in a constructive way

Kundalini dhyanam (Meditation)

Kundalini refers to the energy resting at the base of ones spine. It is said that during this dhyanam the energy is awakened and one is subjected to enlightenment. By practicing this kind of dhyanam all the chakras are opened and total “Viswa Shakti’ (Universal Energy) is attained. Due to which the feeling of being complete is achieved . This kind of Meditation should be practiced only in the presence of a strong guru (teacher) in order to prevent any unplesent outcomes.

To Awaken the chakras a special kind of meditation is required. To practice such kind of meditation one requires experience. People who are freshers in meditation aren’t allowed to practice such kind of dhyanam .

Mooladhara Chakra Dhyanam (Meditation)

During this dhyanam one is releaved from worries, not only that one gains, true happiness, beauty, health and physical strength

Swadisthana Chakra dhyanam (Meditation)

Swadisthanam is located near the stomach due to this dhyanamconstupation or birth related issues are solved

Manipura Chakra Dhyanam (Meditation)

Due to this dhyanam the system of our body is energized and body related issues and brain start working more actively which results in more productivity. Kidney related deceasesIndigestion can be cured due to this dhyanam

Anahata Chakra Dhyanam (Meditation)

Practicing this dhyanam develops equity, equality and also patience. Heart breathing, Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Anemia, Bronchitis, tuberculosis, hypertension, asthma related deaseases can be cured by practicing this.

Vasudha Chakra Dhyanam (Meditation)

Visudha chakra is opened and all its important characteristics are shared with the body by practicing this meditation, which in order helps in improving way of thinking and analising world by things and its consiquences in a proper way. Vocal cords, Thiroid glands, parathyroid glands related issues are attended.

Aagneya chakra dhyanam (Meditation)

By Practicing this dhyanam, aagneya chakra is opened which helps in strenghthening , sharpening and intelecting of mind which inturn develops, foresight, focus are improved strengthening of soul is attained not only that due to the power of aagneya chakra thoughts can be shared to other persons and others can be read.

Mainly we are talking about six chakras so far but the reason of avoiding sahasra chakra is that particular chakra stands for moksha (Salivation) To open this chakra there is no particular procedure or time limit to open this chakra a lot of hard work, dedication, self control, devotion and sacrifice is required

To practice any kind of meditation all kinds of negative energy in our mind should completely be removed after which cosmic energy of almighty is dispersed throughout one’s body and the purpose of our meditation is achieved. A lot of people these days are practicing meditation but are unable to fill themselves with cosmic energy, the main reason is the negative energy in our body, and the constant thoughts which are filled in our mind better results can be achieved if the negative energy is avoided. To avoid negative energy shells (conch), Healing or energy crystals are used to achieve a complete healthy lifestyle. If the percentage of negative energy is more or even if the persons aura possess other negative soul energy one may show suicidal tendencies.When the level of energy is known through soul healing process, the energy already in the aura can be merged into divine light. The chakras present in one’s self are brought to even levels through healing which in order leads the one who had undergone healing of complete health, inner peace, Intelligence, fact, Concentration, Satisfaction, memory power, and willpower are attained.