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Non-Ionizing Radiations & Healing

Matter emits radiations in two forms – ionizing radiations and non-ionizing radiations. For the most part it is the non-ionizing radiations [NIR] that play a big role in the health of an individual or a place. According to T. K. N. Prasad, there are two categories of the NIR also and they are positive and negative radiations. Geopathic stress, diseases, misfortunes, etc. are caused by the negative non-ionizing radiations in a place.

Sometimes it may take many weeks or months to observe the negative effects of the NIR and for an individual the NIR directly affects the DNA and slightly alters the genetic structure. Along with alterations within the body, the radiations could seriously affect the environment of the place. One example everyone could observe is sleep deprivation or occurrence of pain in sleep. For such simple problems meditation through crystals is a sufficient remedy. But, there are some long lasting and dangerous ill-effects that can completely destroy the well-being of an individual.

What can Non-Ionizing Radiations do?

T. K. N. Prasad states that, “non-ionizing radiations can cause diseases when occurred to become prolonged and their affect will become permanent.” Fortunately, one can observe the affects of NIR and approach a professional healer to take care of the problem. Here are some of the problems and effects that are associated to the harmful NIR’s in a place:

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The body cannot stimulate sufficient detoxifiers to counter the free radicals produced for various metabolic activities. This leads to Oxidative stress.

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Development of negative thoughts on others without any reason. Similarly, others will develop negative thoughts on an individual without any reason.

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Emotional flux, psychological stress and imbalance.

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Emotional flux, psychological stress and imbalance.

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Malfunctioning of the electric appliances, radio waves based appliances, etc. in the place.

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Fear, possession, trauma, accidents, genetic disorders, fluctuating temperatures, etc.

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Medicines will not work.

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Emotional flux, psychological stress and imbalance.

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People in the place with NIR will show disliking to food.

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Development of cancerous cells, obesity and many other diseases that are life threatening.

Why would negative NIR affect a place or a body?

The Universe is filled with mystery and there are no answers for many questions. Fortunately, it is possible to explain the behaviour of NIRs.

Scientifically, it is proven that the human body is made of cells that need electric impulses to function in a proper manner. Our nervous system supplies that little surge of electricity to help the body to take care of all the functions. From the observations of T. K. N. Prasad, it is found that the place with higher frequencies of NIR can directly influence the nervous system.

He found in a research that the body is capable of absorbing negative ions released from the NIR and store them in the body. The body cannot function with proper health because of the negative ions and starts to deplete. According to a study, living in a place with negative NIR can accumulate negative ions that can produce 8-10 Millivolts of negative energy capable of causing cancer.

Unfortunately, the negative NIRs can affect the aura of an individual as well. This results in weakening the work capabilities, thoughts and balance of a person. Sometimes, the affects of the NIR are clearly visible within days and some take time. It all depends on the intensity of the NIR present in a place and how Geopathic stress helps these radiations. If both the Non-Ionizing Radiations and Geopathic stress are strong, then one would face deadly consequences.

How to get rid of Non-Ionizing Radiations?

Let’s understand the process with an example so that it would be easy to understand.

An individual gets a fever or knee pain and it sustains for three days. He will approach a doctor for treatment. Even after the treatment, the illness will not go away. So, he tries another doctor and he will not find any positive results as well. Further, all the tests show that he is normal. He cannot understand the situation and leaves it to fate.

But, this is where a professional NIR healer like T. K. N. Prasad can help the individual to get rid of such mysterious problems.

Some problems are beyond the hope for medical help and understanding them is the difficult part. Through the healing methods suggested by the Guru it is possible to get rid of long lasting fevers, shoulder pains, knee pains, etc.

The Process

T. K. N. Prasad will either examine the person or will visit the place to be examined. With the help of patented devices especially designed to identify the radiations emitted and the intensity of the Geopathic stress. One can find the details about the devices in the section placed for them in the website.

The Guru will suggest appropriate remedies for people who come for consultation and one can observe the change in their lives only after a few visits. The remedies will ensure that the NIR accumulated in the body goes out gradually and the body is filled with positive energy.

In case of a field visit, the Guru will look at the place, the surroundings and how the geological factors are affecting the place. After examining the Geopathic stress levels, radiation levels and many other factors he will come to a conclusion about the place. If the solution is simple, it would take mere changing of furniture. However, if it is difficult the individual should place crystal pyramids or conch shells or crystal rods in specific places to ensure that the NIR is absorbed by them instead of the body.

The two processes (examining body or place) will ensure that the problem of an individual is identified. As a result, the long term diseases or misfortunes can be healed. Further, the aura will increase tremendously leading to activeness, happiness and a peaceful life. So, consult the Guru if you are facing such problems and remember that everything in the world will have a solution. Your problem will have a solution too and T. K. N. Prasad can find it.

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