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devine healing
While sleeping unrest your body.
devine healing
It seems like torment.
devine healing
There will be itching on the skin.
devine healing
It increases heart beat.
devine healing
Early awaking in sleep.
devine healing
Suffering with Lack of sleep.
devine healing
Some of our body parts will stump.
devine healing
Suffering from nightmares.
devine healing
Shivering in body parts.
devine healing
Cold in feet and lumber.
devine healing
Occasionally snoring and teeth grinding.
devine healing
Numbness in kness and other body parts.
devine healing
Sleep walking.
devine healing
Children scared at night while sleeping.
devine healing
Lung are not working properly.
devine healing
Mentally depressed.

Negative thought forms

When we think or focus on in negative subjects or emotions. We create energy and a pattern of energy.

This energy will take and form and get a lined with other negative thoughts, which we generate or already generated to become, and powerful negative emotional energy or thought form. This energy will get stored in our body aura or surrounding places.

Many times this negative thoughts forms get observed by our walls of our homes the energy of negative emotions created to be an huge ball of negatively charged energy.

These negative thought forms are also picked up by us during travelling or rest places and public toilets. And the person after picking up the negative thought form starts to think negatively, and many times confused about his own behavior and actions. The negative thought forms are absorbed by our clothes and beds.

Many times disturbing our sleep and other activity.

The negative thought forms are also present in our aura creating holes (black holes these are further invitation to psychic chords and psychic attack and entities. Sometimes these negative thought forms get in touch with other negative like geopathic stress.

Negative thought forms when they get in contact with negative emotions

devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
Negative emotions
devine healing
Negative thought forms etc.

After getting connected an or union, will create a huge energy of anger which will be like a ball. (This energy) If the person in the atmosphere of negative thought form emotional anger is easily an pray to more anger leading to verbal and physical fights etc. further creating energy for the negative thoughts forms getting bigger and bigger to feed a draw a positive energy.

Psychic chords

They are liken an their thread tubes to suck energy, is usually one person controlling other person. They sometimes very powerful attachments and create havoc in others life usually attached to chakras or organs or body organs. The person draws energy resulting in let of problems like feeling low energy, bad luck and disfunction life style.

If the psychic chord attached to crown chakra, we will be controlled by the other persons thought. Mostly psychic chords developed between

devine healing
Spouse between husband and wife, expires
devine healing
At work places co-workers, subordinates between higher and lower staff. Usually felt like influences
devine healing
Between heelless and heeling like Rekhi etc

Sometimes they are formed by negative thoughts like anger fees etc

In such case disappointment revenge, envy, angel etc.

They usually attach to week organs drawing their positive energy creating an ailment. If attached to chakras it will disturb the energy field of chakras, creating lot of troubles and problems. The other person will dump emotions and draw energy creating blocks in their life effecting

devine healing
devine healing
devine healing
Spouse relationship and marriage
devine healing
devine healing
Prosperity and spiritual growth

A person can be affected negative energy in following ways :

healing prayer
Naradisti (evil eye)

If a Person effected with Naradisti (evil eye), It leads to many problems such as lack of interest on work, unhealthy or sudden illness, uneasiness.

karmic healing

If a person want to know about soul that exists on earth or not he has to offer food and water for crows.

crystal and gems healing
Attending funeral who had an Unnatural death

If a person attends funeral who had unnatural death, he will effected with negative energy this leads to disturbance of mind

soul healing
Mental and Physical Fatigue

If a person effected with soul energy , he will effected with health problems, disturbed mind, chance to commit suicide & lack of cosmic energy

healing prayer
Not getting pregnancy

If a person effected with negative energy, it leads to arriving of late pregnancy, leads to abortion and leads to no pregnancy.

angel healing
Husband and Wife Problems

If a couple effected to negative energy, it leads to misunderstanding, quarrels between them and chances to take divorce.

astrology and rituals
Crossing disti on roads

I a person crosses disti on road, it leads to illness, bad dreams, lack of sleep, behave different from others

sankalpa siddhi healing
Spending time with negatively affected people

If a person spending time with negatively affected people, dull in studies,loss in work, depression,no intrest on any thing

pranic healing
Not getting married

If a person effected with negative energy, it leads to late marraige, depression, lead to no marraige

counch healing
Visiting old bungalows

If a person visits old bungalows, he is effected will evil spirits, negative energy, lack of sleep, illness, sleep walk.

aura and chakra balancing and healing
Financial Issues

If a person effected with negative energy,it leads lack of money, loss of money, leads to depression and loss of good will.