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The reader might ask the query , "How true is this article". My answer would be that it is subjectively true. It is a true reflexion of what I experienced. The unlimited power or the divine light is the source of all the existence. Everything in this world is connected to the divine light. This ultimate energy is abundant and it's everywhere around and within us. Every creation in this world begins with this energy and ends into this. Specifically an unknown and mysterious power of gods, spiritual being or human beings to express themselves communicatively through spiritual means, rather than through physical capabilities.

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Everything in this global from the sun to the smallest living organism posses its own magnetic field surrounding it. Recent studies by NASA reveal that Earth's attraction field is continuously protecting earth from sun's magnetic field. This magnetic field is unequalled and cannot be same always. Disturbance created in earth's magnetic field through severe radiations result in natural disasters.

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People with this power appear with a glow on their face, and these people will have positive lives and add more and more +ve energy throughout their life. These positive people have a positive energy filled within their body and posses a balanced aura. A uninterrupted connection to divine light appears through flow of cosmic energy into these positive beings. These people ever appear happy, healthy and prosperous throughout their lives.

somebody who doesn't have this divine light energy in their body is the person whose aura is disturbed with the entry of -ve energies into his balanced aura. People with -ve energy filled in their body appear with a dull and a glow less face and will have negative effects end-to-end their lives. These negative energies are called as entity or negative energies or Bad Energies. These energies encircle the human aura and block the connection between human bodies with the divine light. These negatively impressed people can be treated using healing.

Healing is the process of purifying all the negative energies in the human body, normally done by the gurus who have expertise in taking the divine light.

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This image shows the magnetic field and aura of a human body. The person who has a disturbed magnetic field will have to face all the negative effect . This particular magnetic field gets disturbed when other entity or curses or negative emotions enters your aura and entirely disturbs the magnetic field resulting in an unbalanced aura. When there is a balanced aura the body will experience ultimate wellness and the mind feels refreshed. To check whether a person is affected with other negative energies or entity or negative emotions we use specific instruments like EMF meters.

Chakras in the human body are those energy centers are through which the cosmic energy flows into them. There are seven main energy centers (chakras) are in the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the other. Each chakra in our body relates to the uncommon organ.

When other curses or entity or negative emotions enters into your aura it entirely blocks the flow of cosmic energy into your body. This imbalance in chakras effect in physical and mental problems. The symptoms can be very basic like relation issues to serious symptoms like failure of kidneys and cancer. A balanced aura will have healthy chakras, which leads to a healthy and happy life. If the other psychic chords which entered into our body has much energy compared to our energy, there will be many chances to get affected with some deadly illness like cancer, liver failure, kidney failure etc.

When a person have negative energy meets the gurus or the people who are expertise in healing, there are possibilities that the negatively affected person behaves like differently, and sometimes feels a severe anger, head weight, increase in heart beat, and sometimes the person may weak . This happens when the gurus try to surround that negative energy with a godly light, which creates a fear in the energies as they cannot escape through the divine light.

For a safe and secure life we all need a home, as well when there is a wavelength match between our brain and other psychic chords power, it traying to stay that our body and make a negative shield around us, where it doesn't always stay in our body but visits frequently that is when it wants to. Since olden days, there were many people in India who are able to treat the people affected with spirits and other entity or psychic chords. These affected people were usually given a talisman. This amulet will actually have writing on a thin cooper plate. But in real, this talisman helps in protecting us from the other psychic chords, by acting as a barrier between negative force and the person's aura. But these energies surround our body with negative fields impact the magnetic field around us. A person's astrology looks really wonderful but he leads a completely suffering life, being jobless, staying unmarried etc. The reason behind this is the other negative energies or curses or negative emotions , which encircle that person's aura and blocks all the cosmic flow into his body which makes his development less throughout his life.